Kärcher as an employer

Kärcher als Arbeitgeber

Why Kärcher? Good reasons for a career in our company.

As a responsible and trusted family-owned company, Kärcher is one of the most attractive employers in the industry. More than 11,000 employees in 60 countries currently contribute to our success. And there are good reasons why so many people choose a career with us.

Working together as partners

Mutual respect and appreciation create a collegial atmosphere at Kärcher. We foster a leadership style based on partnership and open communication. This unique culture is the basis of your career and our worldwide success.

Individual freedom and autonomy

We challenge and support your independent thinking and actions. At Kärcher, everyone can contribute his or her individual strengths to the success of the company. Initiative combined with eager curiosity can be allowed to flourish.

Combine career and family

Through numerous initiatives, we help you to achieve an even better work-life balance.
In 2013, Kärcher headquarters received the ARBEIT PLUS ("WORK PLUS") employer’s award for socially sustainable company policy and pioneering employment models. Kärcher headquarters has also held the "audit berufundfamilie" ("career and family") certificate since December 2013. The certificate awards companies that are particularly committed to developing family-friendly strategies in the work place. Karcher in Shanghai- Kärcher (Shanghai) Cleaning Systems Co., Ltd., has passed the certification of IIP (investors in people) in April 2015, IIP focuses on the caring of people and the company’s strategy and investment to people development.

Responsible in business

As a family-owned company, we accept our responsibility. With consideration for people, society and the environment, we conduct our business with respect and sustainability in mind. Both our products and our production meet the highest requirements. That's why we, as a responsible employer, support your professional development.

Arbeit Plus
Kärcher (Shanghai) Cleaning Systems Co., Ltd. RECOGNISED AS AN INVESTOR IN PEOPLE

Sites worldwide

With over 11,000 employees in 100 companies, every day we are working in 60 countries to consolidate our market position. Our cleaning machines are manufactured in Germany, Italy, Romania, China, Brazil, Mexico and the USA.

With over 50,000 customer service points, Kärcher provides comprehensive support to its customers all over the world.

Standorte International

Production and logistics sites

  1. USA:
    3 production sites
    3 logistics centres
  2. Mexico:
    1 production site
  3. Brazil:
    1 production site
  4. Germany:
    8 production sites
    1 logistics centre
  5. Italy:
    4 production sites
  6. Romania:
    1 production site
  7. China:
    1 production site

Discover what we can offer. Develop your skills with us.

An entrepreneurial, performance-oriented culture that inspires, challenges and nurtures our employees is essential to our company's success. That's why we invest a great deal in qualifying, training and supporting our employees and managers.

Continued development guaranteed. Make the most of the opportunities that await you.

As a leading global innovator, we are always one step ahead. This is also true when it comes to the qualification, support and development of our employees. Moreover, we offer a full spectrum of training and further education opportunities which will allow you to expand your knowledge and expertise and strengthen your individual skills.

Our employees spend an average of 3.8 days in training every year. In addition to technical, methodological and social skills training, we offer seminars in health management as well as numerous language courses. We also encourage lifelong learning through the Kärcher Scholarship. Whether you are aiming for a professional qualification, entrance qualification to a university of applied science ("Fachhochschulreife"), technical qualification, a qualification in the skilled trades, a Bachelor's or Master's degree – we support in-service upskilling of our employees both financially and with time.

As part of our "International Management Development Programme" we offer employees in our 60 foreign subsidiaries a wide range of training opportunities. These include orientation weeks for new employees, seminars for both prospective and experienced managers, as well as training in specific areas like "entrepreneurship" and "opportunity management".

Enhancing expertise and leadership skills. Help to shape Kärcher's future.

Do you have leadership potential? At Kärcher, you will be challenged and encouraged according to your individual strengths and talents based on our competence model. We invest in the long-term development of our management team by offering guidance for the specific challenges that await them in future. The result: at Vice President and Head level, at least three quarters of all managerial positions nationally are filled by internal candidates.

As a global, family-owned company, we are also committed to an open corporate culture and value-based management. Our "International Management Development Programme" incorporates these values.

Employee benefits: discover what we can offer.

Our employees are our most valuable asset: they contribute to our company's success by working with the utmost commitment every day. But top-class performance is only possible when your professional and personal circumstances are conducive to this, which is why we support our employees with a wide range of attractive benefits, both day-to-day and at every stage of life. Discover what we can offer:

Career and family

The compatibility of work and family is extremely important to us. We provide limited flexible working time and annual leave.


The health of our employees is crucial for long-term performance and well-being. We offered annual physical check and supplementary medical insurance for each employee.

Sport and leisure together with company outing

An active lifestyle not only keeps you fit, it also increases your happiness and commitment.Karcher Company and Labor Union will hold all kinds of sports activities, including football match, other sports match and activities. We will organize short or long way company outing.

Further education and training

Lifelong learning is essential for achieving top performance. We will support your career – from trainee to manager – with a wealth of further education and training programmes.


At Kärcher, every employee counts. We support you from day one and throughout every stage of your career, and reward your service and loyalty at anniversaries with financial contributions and other solutions.

Top performance

At Kärcher, performance is rewarded. Our employees contribute to the company's success.

Employee commitment

s a family-owned company, commitment to society and social responsibility are very important to us.The annual May Day public cleaning activities and donation project shows the senses of social responsibility of our employees.