Sweeping like the professionals Sweeping can be so easy. With sweepers from Kärcher, footpaths, garage entrances and terraces can be cleaned quickly, conveniently and reliably. All outdoor areas will quickly shine with a new gleam – without the need for any strenuous bending over. No broom can match their cleaning performance.

Kärcher Sweeping like the professionals
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Benefits of sweepers.

Einfach zu bedienen

Easy to operate

Easy sweeping without any effort or strain.


Flexible and comfortable

The push handle on the sweepers is height-adjustable and can be completely folded down great for storage.

Sauberkeit bis ins Detail

Cleanliness in every detail

The long bristles on the side brushes also ensure thorough cleaning on edges.

Kehrmaschine senkrecht aufstellen

Uncomplicated and compact

All of our sweepers can be stored compactly in a few simple steps: simply fold down the push handle and position the sweeper vertically. Done!

Kehrgutbehälter einfach entleeren

Easy disposal

The sweeping containers in Kärcher sweepers can be very easily removed for emptying – grab, lift, done! No contact with the dirt.

Kehrgutbehälter steht von selbst


The sweeping containers can be easily removed and are designed so that they can be safely set down.