KA 2 Car Premium *CN

The KA 2 Car Premium detects the CO2 concentration and removes both pollutants and TVOCs from new vehicles to ensure outstanding air quality.

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The completely redesigned KA 2 Car Premium from Kärcher is permanently attached to the car seat for maximum safety. The special filter technology in the KA 2 Car Premium removes pollutants and TVOCs from new vehicles. The structural enhancements to the device improve the supply of fresh air as well. The practical size of the device makes it easy to switch between using it in your home and in your car. The device offers a number of helpful functions that can be operated via a smartphone app, such as the ability to control the fan speed, to view the air quality inside and outside, and to monitor the filter – as well as an online instruction manual and various other services. The CO2 detection feature in the Premium version shows the concentration of CO2 in the vehicle and alerts the driver if this exceeds the 2000 ppm limit. The system will also remind the driver to allow more fresh air into the vehicle.

Features and benefits
Double Impeller Structure
  • Generates more clean air in the limited period.
Air quality indication
  • In-vehicle air quality is clear in an instance.
Easy and safe installation
  • Ensures the safety when driving the car.
Filter lifetime monitoring
  • In-vehicle air quality level is instantly displayed.
HEPA 11 filter
  • Effective in the capturing of dust and small harmful particles.
Low noise generation
  • Pleasantly quiet during use.
Flexible application
  • Can be used in the car and on the desk – thanks to the exchangeable mounting accessories.
CO₂ detection
  • The integrated CO₂ detection warns the driver as soon as the CO₂ limit value is exceeded.

Technical data

Current type (V) 12
Connected load, max. (W) 10
Sound power level (dB(A)) 55
Filter area (m²) 6,6
CADR PM 2,5 (m³/h) 55
CADR formaldehyde (m³/h) 10
Weight without accessories (kg) 1,4
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 2,9
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 335 x 182 x 96


  • Filter change indicator
  • Automatic mode, yes
  • Manual mode, yes
  • Night operation, yes
  • with 3 power levels
  • Air quality LED display
  • Multi-purpose filter
Application areas
  • Car interior
  • Desktop