T-Racer T 250 Surface Cleaner

T 250 T-Racer for spray-free surface cleaning. With extra handle for cleaning vertical surfaces. The accessories are suitable for Kärcher Home&Garden pressure washers, classes K 2 - K 7.

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With the T 250 T-Racer from Kärcher, outdoor surfaces can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Two rotating flat jet nozzles ensure a high area performance, so that in comparison to cleaning with a spray pipe, only half as much time is required. Thanks to the hood cover, surface cleaners work entirely without splashing. Thanks to the so-called hovercraft effect, the T 250 T-Racer is particularly easy to manoeuvre. It is also equipped with a comfortable handle. This allows vertical surfaces such as garage doors to be cleaned in no time. The T 250 T-Racer is suitable for Kärcher Home & Garden pressure washers, classes K 2 – K 7.

Features and benefits
  • Easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.
Water Suction -The water suction allows for the use of alternative water sources such as tap water or bucket.
  • Splash-free cleaning.
Two rotating flat jet nozzles
  • Improved cleaning performance.
Hovercraft effect
  • The surface cleaner hovers over the floor and guarantees easy cleaning.

Technical data

Weight (kg) 2,2
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 2,8
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 385 x 280 x 144
Application areas
  • Cleaning areas around the home and garden
  • Cleaning patios (stone, concrete)
  • Cleaning balconies
  • Cleaning garage doors
  • Cleaning of (house) facades
  • Cleaning driveways
  • Cleaning walls/garden walls
  • Cleaning of paths